Professionals - Operations


  • Extrusion Operator:
    Responsible for coordinating one extrusion line team, executing the setup and several machine sets, in order to guarantee an effective production that generates low waste and a high quality product
  • Production Assistant:
    Extrusion: Responsible for monitoring and packing the final product from the extruder, also responsible for assisting the operator to identify and correct eventual problems during production process.
    Mixture: Ensure the extruder supply, aiming the continuous machine work as well as the adequate use of the raw material ordered.
  • Mill Operator:
    Responsible for grinding and preparing the materials that has come from waste chips, in order to re-use them on the production process, verifying contaminations.



  • Thermoforming Operator: Responsible for coordinating production and one thermoforming production line team. Responsible for executing the machine set up and several sets, in order to guarantee efficiency, quality and low waste.
  • Production Assistant: Responsible for the final product piling, packaging and stocking, also responsible for assisting the operator in regards to the process control, organization and workspace cleaning.