1990: The creation of the old company Perfil (which no longer exists), mostly by members of Termocolor company (masterbatch industry located in Diadema), from the knowledge of three partners who previously worked in the magnetic gaskets market companies - Marco Aurélio was commercial manager of Multiplast (currently ILPEA), Henrique was industrial manager of Unigel and Ivan had been business manager of the same Unigel.



1991: Discussion among the Perfil company's partners (magnetic gaskets industry) to expand the product portfolio in order to exploit its penetration with distributors and mechanics, focused on domestic refrigeration repair market, which had too few panels supply options for refrigerator doors.  



  1992: Lamiform foundation, the company’s name was given in honor to partners at that time, and represented their initials: Lourival, Antonio, Marco Aurélio and Ivan, who was substituted by his wife Emanuela, after his passing. Later, the company that produced thermoformed fridge panels changed its name to Isoforma, due to another company with the same name.



1998: Isoforma passed through changes in its ownership structure. It was a small company at that time, with no more than R$1milion year revenue. José Daniel entered the partnership and became the company’s leader for the further years. Emanuela was the only partner who stayed at the company, since Lourival left Isoforma when José Daniel entered and Marco Antônio left it a little later.  



  2000: After the ownership changes, Isoforma experienced a strong growing period. The company than decides to look further and select a new place to expand operations. The city of Cabreúva, a promissing industrial center near São Paulo, was the chosen locality. The acquired place had 21,000 m2. The first shed had only 2,000m2, and that was enough for all company’s operations.



2003: At that time, our business was only focused on thermoforming, which is highly dependent on polystyrene sheet. And due to the difficulty of buying it from our suppliers, Isoforma was forced to enter the extrusion market for its own consumption. By entering the market we became stronger in comparison to our competitors, we verticalized our production and gain efficiency for that.  



  2004: Isoforma starts to sell sheet in order to better use its extrusion production capacity. That was the beginning of the current Isoforma group, a leader company in polystyrene sheet production. The company initially focus on the thermoforming market, since it was a known market.



2005: The strong demand coming from thermoforming clients and our entering in the visual communication and resale market were the main drivers to the creation of our second extrusion production line. Both were markets poorly attended by the competitors. At that year, Isoforma inactivated both of its own thermoforming production lines, in order not to compete with its clients.  



  2006: Isoforma accomplishes its first extension in Cabreúva industrial plant, motivated by the sales expansion and the consequent need for placing more stock. The plant then achieves 5,000m2. At the same year, we started the 3rd extrusion line and entered the commercial fridge industrial market located at Rio Grande do Sul.



2008: Isoforma starts to consolidate itself as one of the market leaders. Agility and high standards quality constantly delivered to our clients was responsible to make our sheet definitely won the distribution and visual communication markets. And to accomplish with increase in sales, we started our 4th extrusion operation line.  



  2009: Isoforma gain national presence, by covering North and Northeast regions. Following our long term planning, we finished the Cabreúva plant expansion to 13,500m2, with the capacity to support next 5 years growth. At that time, we built our 5th extrusion line production.



2010: Our distribution market clients gain importance, and in response to that, we decided to expand our portfolio, beginning our 6th extrusion production line. We specialized in PET-G material, and searched for suppliers over the globe until we choose a solid Asiatic company to start a production together. At that time, we focused on thinner sheet production, that in the future would also help us expand to thicker ones.  



  2011: Isoforma entered a new segment and starts to fabricate coil for food industry, especially for milk products. We launched our 7th extrusion production line to attend this new segment, therefore, consolidating ourselves even more as a leader in the polystyrene extrusion market.



2012: According to the long term plan, Isoforma decides to invest ina new business with a new brand – Bellocopo, entering the disposable tableware market. That was the beginning of the Isoforma as a group of companies, responsible for managing two different business lines, the one responsible for the production of sheet and coil, and the other responsible for disposable tableware products.  



  2013: Expanding the portfolio and becoming a one stop shop business was part of our strategy. In accordance to that strategy, Isoforma starts to produce up to 2 meters wide sheet. Additionally, Isoforma standardizes PET-G production and offering, highly demanded on the market, through its partnership with the American company Eastman – the resin creator, owner of Spectar brand.



2014: In line with its 2016 Strategic Planning, Isoforma group will finish its second industry plant with nearly 10,000m2, in the city of Cabreúva, next to our current location. Furthermore, we plan to end the industrial park consolidation standardizing our 8th extrusion production line, built by the end of 2013. Furthermore, the disposable tableware line with BelloCopo brand should experience a strong expansion, giving Isoforma Group the possibility of becoming more relevant it this segment.