Value proposition

Value proposition

Before we create Isoforma Group we have discussed and determined the profile we wanted to give our business. We concluded that the value proposition would be always the same, since it is important to keep the same values that has brought us to excellence in some specific issues, understanding that they will guide us to face and overcome bigger and more complex challenges.

Therefore we drive the company based on 5 pilars:




Competitive price offering, as a result of our scale and market leadership that contributes to our strong negotiation with petrochemical suppliers.



Readiness to deliver orders on time, we are organized and prepared to deal with urgent demand from our clients.



Quality control and intense dedication to all process phases. We are customized to attend every client specific needs.






Constant compromise with good practices in relation to our clients, personnel, shareholders, suppliers and society.



Willingness and motivation to innovate, enriching our work routine and better attending our clients.



Our aim is to keep ourselves as the main reference in offering high quality sheet, plastic coil and disposable products.

We intend to exceed expectations in regards to every one of our 5 pillars, maximizing the value generation to clients, personnel, shareholders, suppliers and community.