Diversifying to grow

Diversifying to grow

20 years ago, at Diadema city, São Paulo, a new business was born: Isoforma! At that time we used to mold polystyrene sheet through a known process called thermoforming. The process that has given origin to our name. Isoforma business was focused on supplying replacement parts for refrigerators.

Within some time, by one hand, Isoforma gained market importance, but by the other hand, the refrigerators replacement parts market was fast decreasing. Fixing refrigerators and other appliances was getting out of use, people more often started to buy new products to replace broken and old ones. And the fridge mechanical, who was our main client, was disappearing.

The partners comprehended that trend and decided to verticalize the business by starting the sheet production, the main input for refrigerator board. Within some time, the board production decreased while the sheet production increased, and it was inevitable to sell sheet on the market. That way, we have started the sheet and coil extrusion production that become our core business.

During the years, Isoforma participated on the growing sheet and coil polystyrene market, expanding capacity and attending different client segments. As a result, we have become one of the market leaders, but we haven’t stopped there. All this successful trajectory motivated and still push us to take bigger steps.

We diversified production to maintain our strong growing rhythm. In the same sheet market we extended production to PET-G and we will soon start the ABS production. And motivated by the same growing aim, we have decided to enter the disposable market – the main polystyrene transformation segment.

That is how we created a new brand, BelloCopo disposable. With the new brand, Isoforma became a company group that consolidates two different business, the production of sheet and coil, and the production of disposable cups and cutlery.

This year and the years to come we plan to increase our business portfolio, always under Grupo Isoforma, and in accordance with its values: quality, efficiency and robustness.